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Structured cabling, quality installations.

We aren’t just another construction contractor when it comes to communications infrastructure. We can provide end-to-end solutions, design and install fiber and copper cabling.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is a system of communications cabling that allows your fixed building wiring to be uniformly installed and labeled for convenience and reliability. Structured cabling allows for growth, organization, and ease of use.

Our Cabling Capabilities

Want to avoid a wiring solution that turns into a mass of twisted wires over time? A structured cabling solution can fit your needs and grow as you do. Structured cabling can include, voice, data, coax, and fiber optic cabling. Our technicians can assess new and existing cabling infrastructure and prove detailed reports as to the condition of all cabling allowing you to take full advantage of your equipment’s capabilities.
Outside Plant Construction
Grayson Collin Communications ensures that all cable and wires fit seamlessly with each building’s unique structure. Whether the cabling project is located in a corporate high-rise office, a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, or is in a small building, Grayson Collin Communications has experience to provide solutions for any building type or size.
Buried Cable
Grayson Collin Communications can provide durable, safe buried cabling for your campus environment. Whether your challenge calls for direct buried cabling, conduit enclosed cable, or even if you need construction permits from state or local authorities. Our connections and yours will stand the test of time.
Aerial Cable
Aerial fiber optic and copper cabling can be a great solution in a rural multi-building environment, or in a more compact urban campus environment where underground construction may not be an option. At Grayson Collin Communications we know how to protect your investment. We utilize protected entrance terminals to protect from power surges, and proper grounding techniques. We ensure your installation is as resilient as possible.
Fiber Cabling
Fiber optic infrastructure allows for near unlimited growth in both the voice and data network worlds. Grayson Collin Communications technicians can install, terminate, and test all installations to your exact specifications. Our technicians can also diagnose and repair your existing fiber optic infrastructure. If your needs are a single connection or a complete campus connection we can build any solution to fit your application.

Get started with structured cabling from Grayson Collin Communications!

Need internet too?

We offer fully customized business fiber, broadband and wireless internet services.